More on Black and White

My first B&W Post needed a lot of editing, so I just started over!  These photos are all converted from my color photo collection at the suggestion (and detailed explanation) in several articles in Outdoor Photography, November 2018 issue.

Fresnel Lense 2004 (2)a

This is from inside a lighthouse in Nova Scotia, looking out through the massive Fresnel Lense atop the Beacon Tower.



One of countless stunning beaches along the Oregon Coast!


We ventured across the border into Northern California and visited several of the stands of Redwoods in that area.  One area had a great collection of massive burls along the trails and this was one of the most interesting ones we saw.  They were all very fascinating, however.

3093 Depot Bay at Tidal Rave BW

From the cool restaurant, Tidal Raves in Depot Bay, you can see this interesting sandstone beach, intricately carved out by the waves. You can see The Inn at Arch Rock in the background.  5507--Oegon Coast Rock BW

More interesting rock features along the coast.

5480 Big Trees BW

Back to the Redwoods–these things are massive!  You can not see the tops of most of them because they stretch on forever and the top just disappears.

5474 Bigg Trees BW

Did I say Massive?!?!

5467 Big Trees in Cal BW

More massive!


The burl again, with a bit more B&W experimentation.

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